Camp registration is closed.

If you are still interested in camp, please contact Pastor Jon.

Date: June 7-11

Location: Sparks, Oklahoma

Cost: $185 total

  • This includes camp, lodging, and all meals at camp. Additional money will need to be sent with your student to cover 1-2 meals while traveling and any concessions or souvenirs (t-shirts, etc) to be purchased at camp.
  • All students going with us to camp will also receive this year’s REFRESH t-shirt to wear one day at camp.


  • Registration form and $30 nonrefundable deposit are due no later than Wednesday, January 13th to guarantee your spot.

o This year, due to Covid, the campground is setting more strict guidelines on registration. This means that no registrations after the deadline will be guaranteed. All deposits are nonrefundable.

  • The additional $155 is due by Wednesday, May 12th.
  • Please also fill a Medical Form when registering.
  • Discounts are offered for families with multiple children going to camp – please contact Pastor Jon as soon as possible if this includes your family.
  • Scholarships are available for those who need assistance – please contact Pastor Jon as soon as possible to be considered.

If you have any questions, please call Pastor Jon (417) 872-7754.

Important Information

  • Students are not permitted to have cell phones at camp. If there is an emergency and you need to contact your student, please call Pastor Jon at (417) 872-7754 or the campground office at 918-866-2407.
  • Please note that any medications your child needs to take must be turned in to the camp nurse. All medications must be in their original, labeled container.
  • Camp requires we take a copy of each student’s insurance card incase of emergency. We can easily make a copy here in the church office or you may hand it in with your registration. If you have gone to camp with us previously and your insurance has not changed, your insurance card is still on file and not needed this year.
  • If you would like to send a letter to your child while he/she is at camp, you may hand letters to Pastor Jon. and we can take them with us and submit them to the camp office for you.

Rules & Guidelines

  • Willful destruction of camp or personal property will not be tolerated.
  • No one is allowed to leave camp without permission from the camp executive staff. Minors will not be allowed to leave the camp with anyone except the parent or legal guardian whose signature appears on the registration form.
  • Campers must remain on the camp property at all times unless on a group outing.
  • No guests are allowed at camp at any time.
  • Camp is not a place for public displays of affection.
  • All clothes must cover shoulders, backs, sides, and stomach at all times. No tight clothing will be allowed (See “What to Bring” for more details on the criteria for what clothing to bring).
  • All campers agree that any media captured (photos, videos, audio) is the property of OYM and can be used for future promotion.
  • There will be no pranking of any kind within our group!

What to Bring

  • Clothing – Modest shorts and t-shirts are allowed (Boys – make sure your shirts are NOT cut down the sides if they are sleeveless!). We play hard and get sweaty, dirty, and muddy so come prepared for this. Campers must wear shoes at all times. You will want a pair you don’t care about that will get dirty, athletic shoes for the games, shoes for the services, and possibly shower shoes (flip flops).

o  Girls – ALL clothing must cover back, stomach, shoulders, and sides at all times. No tanks or spaghetti straps and all sleeveless shirts must go to the outside of the shoulder. No tight clothing will be allowed. Shorts must be mid-thigh (generally, an inch past your finger tip when your hands are relaxed to your sides). REMEMBER – it is mid-thigh for shorts but it must be knee-length for skirts and dresses if you decide to wear them during the services (you may wear pants to service if you want).

  • Pajamas
  • Swimming suit/Swim trunks (there is a lake for swimming, paddle boating, and the blob!) – make sure swimming suits are modest and appropriate. Girls – must have a one-piece swimming suit or wear a dark colored shirt and shorts over your two-piece.
  • Bedding (Pillow, Sleeping Bag, sheets, etc)
  • Toiletries (Shampoo, Soap, Toothbrush and paste, DEODORANT, etc)
  • Personal Hygiene items
  • Washcloth & 2 towels – one for bathing and one for swimming
  • Money – you will need money for TWO meals – one on the way to camp and one on the way home. Also, bring any extra money you may want for souvenirs and concessions. We recommend at least $50 though you may want more.
  • Any medications you take. These must be turned in ahead of time to the camp nurse. All medications must be in their original, labeled container.
  • Garbage bag for wet and dirty clothes
  • Sunscreen, aloe vera gel if you burn easily, bug spray, camera
  • Bible, Notebook, Pen
  • A positive attitude ready to have the BEST WEEK OF SUMMER!

What Not to Bring

  • Electronics – Do NOT bring your cell phone, ipod, gaming systems, or any other electronics for entertainment purposes. These cannot be brought at all. You will survive and have a greater camp experience without these things. Take a deep breath and leave these things at home. All adults will have cell phones for emergencies. The camp will allow you to call home for emergencies, and all parents will have numbers to reach you at if there is an emergency at home. Don’t try to sneak it in. Your friends have big mouths and I know they will tell on you!
  • Any items used for pranking. Pranking will not be tolerated at camp!
  • Any outside food or drink other than water.
  • Tobacco products, illegal substances, alcohol, weapons (including knives), and skateboards – Don’t bring these!
  • A bad attitude. If you bring this, we will refer to you as Grumpy Gills.


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Click Here for Medical Form


2021 OYM Medical Waiver form will be available at a later date.



Q: Why is the deadline sooner than normal?

A: This year’s camp is nonrefundable. Therefore, we have to have more solid numbers to be able to submit the correct number of spots.

Q: Why is camp nonrefundable?

A: Sparks has stated that since we are aware of the risk of camp being shut down due to Covid, the spots cannot be refunded.

Q: What is the deposit fee amount?

A: $30/person

Q: If I would like to go, but I will need a scholarship what should I do?

A: Submit your registration online and select “Scholarship” in the payment dropdown. Pastor Jon, Pastor Jen, or Liz will follow-up with you following the submission.

Q: What if I want to sign-up after the registration deadline on Wednesday, January 13th?

A: Your spot cannot be guaranteed after January 13th.