2020 Youth Fest is set for October 16-17!

Below is the information and packing list for Youth Fest:

Friday & Saturday, October 16 & 17 (Fall Break)

Victory Family Church, Norman

COST: $65

This covers the conference fee, trip to and from, & breakfast on Sat. You will need additional money for 3 meals (dinner on Friday, lunch and dinner on Saturday), food trucks during the late night hangout, and any shirts, merchandise, or snacks you want to purchase at Convergence


We have a limited number of spots available and these will be filled at a first-come, first-served basis! Please turn in your form and secure your spot as soon as possible!

Please note: If you only attend part of this event, you are still responsible for paying the entire cost. If you register and then decide not to go, you are still responsible for paying the entire cost.

*Anyone who did not attend Youth Camp will also need an additional Medical Release form filled out.

Please submit this form online.

Meet at the church at 1:00 p.m. on Friday (eat lunch before coming). We will return on Saturday at approximately 7-8 p.m.

Norman is under a mask ordinance so we will be required to where masks for restaurants.

This event will be held outside, so you will need to bring a lawn chair, blankets, and clothing to suit the weather.

We will be following camp guidelines (dress code, no pranking, and no public displays of affection). Cell phones are permitted but student understands that if a problem arises, cell phones will be confiscated.

We will be staying at Spring Creek Assembly on Friday night. Students will need to bring appropriate sleeping accommodations for sleeping on the floor.


o Bible, Notebook, Pen

o Mask

o Lawn chair, Blankets

o Clothing – Modest clothing you would wear at school for Friday and Saturday. Please wear comfortable shoes and bring pajamas for Friday night.

o Toiletries & Personal Hygiene Items (Shampoo, Soap, Toothbrush, Deodorant, etc)

o Money (See specifications under cost)

o Any Medications you take (students are responsible for their own medication. Please keep in original container)

o A sleeping mat, sleeping bag, pillow, blankets

o A positive attitude ready to have the BEST WEEKEND OF THE ENTIRE FALL SEASON!

Please follow the link below to submit your REGISTRATION form online.

Please follow the link below to submit your MEDICAL form online.