Camp 2021 Update for our Refresh Students and Parents:

First off, we would like to apologize for the last-minute nature of this information. We are endeavoring to push out information as quickly as we receive it. We recognize that this is far earlier than we typically advertise Youth Camp; however, this year, we are strongly encouraging early registration for camp for a couple of reasons. We wanted to clearly communicate what those reasons are and why we’re approaching camp the way we are this year.

Changes impacting camp this year:

1) Due to Covid-19, and the impact of cancellations on the campground last year, the campground has made the determination that they cannot offer any refunds on deposits or registration costs this year. Typically, the church will register an educated guess on number of spots for camp & then adjust or cancel/add spots as necessary as camp gets closer and have those cancellations refunded. This year, that is not an option, as any deposits sent in to reserve a spot are non-refundable. The campground did change the deposit amount to only $30 for this year.

2) Possibly even more important is the fact that camp will sell out more quickly this year. A large, non-denominational youth camp here in Oklahoma will not be continuing to hold youth camps (for non-Covid-related issues), and many of those churches and youth groups are looking at Sparks as a youth camp option this year. Since Sparks is our district AG campground, AG churches will have priority access for registration starting January 13, but only for one week. Following that week, registration will open to all churches/groups. 

What this means for our group:

If you would like a GUARANTEED spot for you or your student at camp, we will need you to register by midnight on January 13th. This is not to say that you can’t register after that date; however, we have absolutely no way of knowing how fast things will sell out once registration opens to the public. If you register after January 13th, we can only confirm your registration pending availability. Registering this week guarantees your spot. All that is needed is the registration info and the $30 deposit, and all of this is available and can be done online.

Youth Camp Registration, Dates, and Info:

Thank you for your understanding and support! We are looking forward to a great summer of camp this year with our students!

All info about camp this year along with links for registration are available by clicking here.